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October 13, 2020

Kaylee + Will

\\Kaylee + Will’s Intimate Beach Wedding at Miramar Beach, Florida//

I’m not going to lie, I was a ball of nerves on Kaylee and Will’s wedding day. Not because it was my “first” destination wedding or because it was a wedding at all, nope the weather got me this time. Normally I have no qualms about dealing with rain on a wedding day, after all they say it’s good luck right? Well when you’re couple’s entire wedding day is meant to take place on one of the most beautiful beaches and their main priority is beautiful beach portraits and the forecast calls for RAIN ALL DAY…you get a little panicky… I mean who wouldn’t. Thankfully the weather decided to clear up and the sun showed up big time for their intimate beach ceremony on Miramar Beach and their newlywed portraits are to DIE FOR. I’m mean seriously, I’m still swooning over them!

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