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October 26, 2020

Personal Branding Series: Marketing through Personal Branding

A few days ago I shared my story about how I use personal branding to grow my business to six-figures in a year. Today I want to share a few tips on how to actually start using personal branding as your main source of marketing. It’s not a complicated process but it does take some time to get use to sharing about yourself and your life. I started very simply and then gradually shared more and more until I felt like I was talking to friends. This blog will give you three quick steps to start using YOU as your most powerful marketing tool and it doesn’t takeĀ  time to implement, you can start using this idea today. šŸ™‚

First thing’s first;

1. Start with a List! When I first started using personal branding I started with a list. I made a list of 50 things, stories, likes and dislikes I could talk about or that I could share about myself. For example;

    • Tacos
    • Macaroons are Life
    • Charles and I are high school sweethearts
    • Bucket List (Travel)
    • Bucket List (Experiences)
    • Favorite Season & Why
    • I hate the sound of the work cupcake (Thanks Pinkalicious)
    • I LOVE to eat cupcakes
    • I have been to Australia and New Zealand
    • I am a former high school science teacher
    • I once ran for Miss. Texas USA
    • I once won Miss. Rockdale


The list goes on an on. Your list won’t necessarily look like mine and it shouldn’t. It should be a reflection of who you are and what you can share with the world!

2. Show your Face! In order for people to connect with YOU, you have to show YOU! It can be uncomfortable to be in front of the camera but 84% of people want to buy from people they know and trust. I don’t know about you but I definitely want to feel like I know someone before IĀ  Ā trust them and I definitely want to trust them before I buy anything. If you only show your logo as a representation as a brand, people aren’t going to connect with you personally and that’s where small businesses have the biggest impact. So hire a professional photographer to take aĀ  few photos of you so that you can share on social media. As a good rule of thumb, potential clients should NEVER have to go searching for what you look like. You should have an image of yourself on the front page of your website, profile picture on social media and in your feed. If you aren’t feeling comfortable enough to post a picture to your feed, hop on your Instagram stories and just talk about one of the items from your list.

AND last but definitely not least!

3. Get Social! Use social media to connect with other wedding creatives and potential clients. There is a catch though… please, please, please be genuine! Don’t just post 4 heart emojis on a bride’s engagement post if you’ve never interacted with her before. This comes off as superĀ  disingenuous and is a major turn off. The same thing goes for fellow wedding creatives. Start building REAL relationships with people, not just to further your career but really invest in them as people. That’s what the entire idea of personal branding is about, connecting and investing in PEOPLE.

Your homework is to leave me a comment below with three items/things from your list!

Now, get out there and start sharing YOU!

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