Wedding Creative Wednesday: Rocky Mountain Boutique Wedding Planner Revel + Bloom

I had the pleasure of meeting Elise a few weeks ago while in Colorado and instantly connected with her. Elise owns the boutique wedding planning and design company, Revel and Bloom, based in Denver, Colorado. One thing that stood out to me about Elise was her approach to designing events for her couples. As a wedding photographer I often view myself as an artist-historian. Elise is one of the few creatives that I have had the pleasure of meeting who has a similar viewpoint. Aside from our connection over creating personal history for our clients, we also bonded over our love of the mountains. Continue reading below to learn more about Elise, Revel and Bloom, and her creative process.

I am inspired by asking our couples, “What will we create to mark this point in your family history?” 

How did you get into weddings?

In an absolute whirlwind! I started my career in weddings during my brief residency in San Francisco as a venue manager. In that position I was exposed to a variety of disciplines within events, and was immediately drawn to the conductor-like role the planning and design teams embodied. Though the city wasn’t for me, I knew I had found my place in the wedding and event world. Shortly after I moved to Colorado, landed an assisting position, and ultimately purchased Revel + Bloom all within a year! 

What is your most memorable moment in your career?

It’s impossible to name a “most” memorable moment, but one of my favorites from last year came from a surprise I had planned for a bride and groom just before their ceremony. Following multiple COVID reschedules, I had the opportunity to work with this couple for three years and had endless pages full of notes from our meetings to show for it.  

A couple of months before the wedding I was looking back through and noticed a few scribbles about a bagpiper at the ceremony, meant as a surprise for the groom’s father and nod to their Scottish heritage. Those notes had been taken a few weeks before the world turned upside down and had otherwise been long forgotten. With a few last minute phone calls and string-pulling, we booked the musician. Just before the processional started, Amazing Grace began playing and all eyes went to the bagpiper playing across the meadow. There wasn’t a dry eye to be found (myself included!) and seeing the couple and their family so moved was a moment I will never forget. **see photos below

What are your three favorite wedding aspects/details?

There are few things that I love more than a stunning seating chart. A well thought-out floor plan, and overthinking the napkin fold to name a few! I suppose what that really means is I enjoy paying attention to the details that are both serving the experience functionally and aesthetically. When we achieve both equally, we can produce celebrations that will feel thoughtful and effortless.

What inspires you creatively?

I’m continually inspired by history and considering the personal histories of each of our couples. Just as each period in human history leaves a distinctive fashion, societal, and artistic impression- every couple brings with them a personal history that we are marking and extending with their wedding celebration. I want to consider what those same impressions and legacies will be for generations to come. I am inspired by asking our couples, “What will we create to mark this point in your family history?” 

What is your dream destination wedding?

I’m currently (always) dreaming of a week-long celebration in the Tuscan countryside. 

You can find more about Elise and Revel and Bloom on her website,

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